The quality system implemented is not only meets the requirements but also exceeds the customer satisfaction.

The entire process of readying the products, especially Tuna is taken full care of by the trained and skilled personnel, who perform their expertise with meticulous care in a high-tech environment of internationally accepted quality standards. Conformity to respective customer requirements in respect of size, weight etc. too takes place with the same diligence. The process involved is as follows;

1. Receiving fish at the processing center
Checking of temperature. Centigrade
4 or less accepted. If more, rejected.
Samples tested for histamine.


  2. Quality check   Sensory evaluation  
  3. Brushing & washing   Wash the fish with portable water  
  4. Weighing & Tagging   Tagging each fish with numbers.

5. Fish storage (temporary)
Until histamine testing is completed, keep
the fish in chill-room, covered with ice at
temperature records of chill-room
6. Gilling & gutting
7. Washing
Wash the fish with chill water
8... (i) Bullets
.. ...(ii) Filleting
9. De-skinning & trimming
If necessary, remove skin. Trim black meat,
burned/bad meat and trim away belly flaps.
10. Sizing
As per the respective buyers need
11.Weighing & coding
Select the labels according to the type of fish
Weigh the fillet. Mentioning of Fish number,
Fillet number, Weight, Date of Production and
Date of Expiry.

12 Labeling
Seal the label
13.Vacuum packing
14.Store in chill bath
Maintain a chill tank temperature around
centigrade 0 and keep the fillets in chill tank
until it reaches centigrade 0.

Re-work can be done here.
15.Packed in Master carton

Only if required.
  The above process at the outset itself ensures that only the very best is taken for purpose of processing. Even thereafter, at critical points during the processing, systems are in place to ensure the reliability of the process is definitely maintained throughout.

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